SPN - Spielberg loves Tintin

Steven Spielberg has told Sky News how much he loves Tintin as his film of the Belgian character is finally premiered. The director, at the world premiere in Brussels, says he never gave up on the project despite it taking 28 years to complete.

Tintin's creator Herge said 30 years ago that Spielberg was the only man to bring it to the big screen. And now, with the help of Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson and £82m of special effects, he has done exactly that.

Spielberg told Sky News: "A lot of my movies have taken a long time for me to get around to making them but I have never done a project that has taken 28 years between a time that I first optioned the story and the time the movie finally came to the screen.

"It is only because I loved it so much that I wasn't willing to give up on it. It just took a long time to find the right medium to tell this story in." Asked why he was so found of Tintin, he said: "He is a tenacious adventurer and he's a reporter that puts himself in his own stories. "It's not that he comes from any place of ego, it's just that he gets accidentally involved in the crimes he's solving and the mysteries he's trying to uncover. "He gets in trouble and he's got all these crazy exotic characters that get him into even more trouble."

The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn aims to create new fans of the boy reporter with the trademark quiff and Snowy the dog. It tries to bridge the gap between the comic and the big screen by using a similar technique to that used in Avatar.

Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell portrays Tintin in the film, which also stars Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis. They had to adapt to acting in a studio and wearing special suits which registered their movements. This data was then transformed into a computer-generated, three dimensional image of the character. "It actually becomes like a rehearsal stage, like you are rehearsing for a play you will never put on stage," Bell said.

Spielberg told how he spoke to Herge shortly before his death in 1983 about adapting his creation. "He was a big fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark and actually on the telephone said he wanted me to adapt his books into movies," he recalled. "It was one of the most exciting phone calls in my life."

Asked what drives him to keep making films, the director said: "I just love movies, I love telling stories. "When I'm not making movies, I'm telling my kids stories. I'm going to do it one way or the other."



SPN - Spielberg Tintin Interview

New Steven Spielberg Interview by Martyn Palmer

'I was struck by Hergé's illustrations. Without knowing one word of the language, I understood the whole story,' said Steven Spielberg of Tintin. I don’t speak or read French. In 1981, when I saw a review of Raiders of the Lost Ark in a French magazine, I didn’t understand what any of it meant. But I could see one word all over the place: Tintin. So I got the review translated into English, and in a very nice way it said that Raiders was a homage to Tintin’s creator, Hergé.

It suggested that I must have read all of the Belgian artist and writer’s books. In fact, I’d never even seen a Tintin book in my life. So I asked my assistant to go out and buy me a Tintin story, and she chose The Seven Crystal Balls. It was in French – they weren’t translated in the U.S. then – but even though I couldn’t read the text, I was struck by Hergé’s illustrations. They were so evocative of storytelling, plot and character relationships that by the end, without knowing one word of the language, I understood the whole story. I bought all the Tintin books.

I discovered that Tintin is a tenacious young discoverer and investigative reporter. His passion to achieve or uncover a mystery inspired me. I admired how nothing will stop him, and how he has this amazing relationship with the most unlikely partner, Captain Archibald Haddock.
Together they’re the yin and the yang: Tintin is the straight man, Haddock the fall guy – he’s the one who gets cold and drunk and lights a fire in a lifeboat, not realising it’s going to burn a hole in the boat and they’re going to sink. Hergé’s sense of humour was very close to slapstick and the silent movies. The detectives Thomson and Thompson are comedic characters, a double act like Laurel and Hardy.

I said to Kathy (Kennedy), my fellow producer, ‘We’ve got to make this into a movie. Where do we start?’ Kathy said, ‘We start by meeting Hergé.’ So I called him, and we had a wonderful conversation. He told me that he loved Raiders, he said I was the only person who could turn his adventures into a motion picture, and he invited us to meet him. Only a few weeks later he passed away, and I was absolutely devastated. That was in the early Eighties. At the time I was intending to make Tintin as live action – perhaps with Jack Nicholson as Captain Haddock. Roman Polanski, an old friend of mine, was going to come on board and direct one of the films. But I always say, if it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage. I just couldn’t get the screenplay right. So I let the rights expire. It wasn’t until 2001 that I suddenly had an epiphany about how to make Tintin the movie and the whole process started again.

This time, Tintin was to be animated with the aid of motion capture (recording actors’ movements via sensors and using them to animate 3D models on a computer), combining live action and animation. With this method, I was confident that after four minutes of the audience wondering what genre this was, they would forget the medium. It would be like when I saw War Horse on the London stage. There were four puppeteers around each horse and the horses weren’t even realistic – they were impressionistic. Five minutes into War Horse, I stopped watching the puppeteers and I only watched the horses. Six minutes into War Horse, I saw real horses; there were no puppets.

It all comes back to the story and how you involve an audience in your storytelling, how you get them to forget where they are, who’s sitting next to them, they’re in a movie theatre or even that there’s a special effect. They’re simply transported by the experience. I am very nostalgic. I can’t help myself – it’s a wistful moment we all experience where we yearn for a return to our childhoods. If you’re not nostalgic, I don’t think there’s a pill you can take. You are or you aren’t.

For Tintin, 3D was right, but I have strong feelings about the medium. It isn’t right for every film. I would love to see David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia in 3D. But not Brief Encounter 3D! There are certain movies where 3D gives depth and breadth to the experience. There are other films where 3D removes the intimacy.

When it came to producing Tintin, I wanted Peter Jackson on board. I’m a big fan of his; he has invented some brave new worlds. The first time we met was in front of 800 million people – I opened up an envelope, took out a card and said, ‘And the Oscar goes to…’ And I presented Peter with Best Picture for his third Lord Of The Rings movie. The second time, I didn’t take the most honest route. I didn’t know if Peter had any interest in Tintin, but I commissioned his company, Weta, to do the original motion-capture test to show what Tintin and Snowy would look like. When the film came back I saw a perfect Snowy dressed up in a Captain Haddock costume! I guessed that I had got Peter at least halfway pregnant, so I called and popped the question. Would he be interested in producing the first Tintin movie with me, and, if successful, directing the second? He said, ‘You should see what’s behind me right now. I’m sitting in front of the entire Hergé library containing every single Tintin book.’

Ours was collaboration unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before – except perhaps with George Lucas. It was a real brotherhood. I had no ego. Peter and I shared all major creative decisions, starting with the scripts through to the 31 days on the motion- capture stage and beyond.
Peter is based in Wellington, New Zealand, so we had a live feed between us, and there he was on the television screen in front of me every day. It was usually 3am New Zealand time, so he would be in his pyjamas – him and Hugh Hefner! – mug of tea in hand. I wish there could have been a fly on the wall listening in on the conversations going back and forth between our offices, with us trying to get an exact match for the colours that Hergé used on his palate, trying to pick out minute details that the audience would never even know about, not just to honour Hergé but to represent his world in a photorealistic way. We were sensitive to the diehard fans from the very beginning of this entire endeavor, and throughout every day of the shoot.

For the movie, the Hergé estate gave permission to combine several stories – Red Rackham’s Treasure and The Secret of The Unicorn, already companion pieces, and The Crab with the Golden Claws – so I could show audiences how Tintin and Captain Haddock first met.

Now it’s down to the public to say what they think of Tintin. Who knew anybody would like Jaws? I was 27 years old, I went 100 days over schedule, massively over-budget and I was roasted by the studios, who called me an irresponsible young film-maker. It was a debacle. Who could have guessed the public would embrace Jaws the way they did?



SPN - Tintin Trailer

The latest trailer for the new Tintin movie "The Secret of the Unicorn".


SPN - Tintin Trilogía

Toda esta aventura empezó a principios de los ochenta. "No conocía nada de Tintín hasta el día en el que, en 1981, leí las críticas de Indiana Jones y el arca perdida con Harrison Ford, que comparaban a mi película con un tal Tintín...". El recuerdo es de un tal Steven Spielberg. Y es importante, porque aquel hombre intrigado por el reportero del tebeo más famoso del mundo ultima, junto al realizador Peter Jackson, la primera entrega de la trilogía sobre el personaje. Se llamará Las Aventuras de Tintín: el secreto del unicornio y será una adaptación de dos álbumes de Hergé: El secreto del unicornio y El cangrejo de las pinzas de oro.

El realizador estadounidense descubrió aquel 1981 las aventuras del intrépido periodista, poco conocido en EE UU, y se puso en contacto con su autor, el belga Hergé, para pedirle los derechos cinematográficos. "A principios de 1983, cuando me encontraba en Londres rodando mi segundo Indiana Jones, tuve el honor de entrevistarme por teléfono con Hergé y su mujer Fanny". La pareja invitó a Spielberg a visitarles en Bélgica y acordaron reunirse unas semanas más tarde. Pero la reunión nunca tuvo lugar. El dibujante murió el 3 de marzo de 1983.

Son recuerdos recogidos en una entrevista exclusiva publicada ayer en un suplemento especial del diario Le Monde sobre una película que se estrena en Europa en octubre de 2011 y en diciembre en EE UU.

Spielberg explica en el diario parisino que el proyecto quedó paralizado porque no lograba dar con el guión apropiado y que con el tiempo sus gustos fueron evolucionando. "Mis películas empezaron a ser un poco más serias, con temáticas más adultas, menos familiares". Fue pasando el tiempo hasta que un día, una conversación con su productora de siempre, Kathleen Kennedy, hizo volver a nacer el proyecto. "Empezamos a evocar los buenos recuerdos del pasado y de lo que nos habíamos divertido trabajando en los álbumes de Tintín (...). Y de repente, emocionados, ¡nos decidimos a volver a comprar los derechos!". A través de DreamWorks, el realizador volvió a hacerse con todos los derechos en 2002.

Otro aspecto que dejó el proyecto aparcado fue la falta de medios tecnológicos para dar con la estética adecuada al recrear el universo del dibujante belga. "Temía poner trajes a los actores, de estilizar los decorados y de hacer una película que describe un mundo que no existe". Ahora, el realizador cuenta con el apoyo de Peter Jackson, realizador de la trilogía de El señor de los anillos, coproductor y coguionista de la serie y que dirigirá la segunda entrega de Tintín.

Ambos directores utilizarán la tecnología del motion capture, inaugurada por Robert Zemeckis con el Expreso Polar y perfeccionada en Cuento de Navidad. Con esta técnica los actores interpretan sin ropa y con captores en el cuerpo que permiten grabar sus movimientos. A partir de ahí se reconstruyen los planos y se añade la estética de cómic, lo que permitirá "honrar el arte de Hergé, su tono, su paleta de colores, sus personajes", explica Spielberg. "Son artistas los que van a dibujar el arte"
El británico Jamie Bell, de 23 años, conocido por su interpretación en Billy Elliot, será el encargado de interpretar a Tintín. Contrariamente a lo que se ha rumoreado, el reportero lucirá su característico tupé. El último James Bond, el también británico Daniel Craig, interpretará a Rackham el Rojo. Andy Serkis, el Gollum de El señor de los anillos, se meterá en la piel del capitán Haddock.

Precisamente para poder presentar desde el comienzo a este personaje, es por lo que la primera entrega, realizada por Spielberg, combinará El secreto del unicornio y El cangrejo de las pinzas de oro. Para la segunda entrega, Jackson está considerando adaptar Las siete bolas de cristal, aunque todavía no es definitivo. "Voy a volver a leer todas las aventuras de Tintín durante Navidades y tengo que decidir antes de Año Nuevo", explica. "Para la tercera, me gustaría utilizar uno de los álbumes en los que va a la luna".

Source: El Pais España


SPN - La historia de Tintin

La Historia de Tintin

Las aventuras de Tintín es muy posiblemente la más influyente serie europea de historieta del siglo XX. Característica del estilo gráfico y narrativo conocido como 'línea clara', fue creada por el autor belga Hergé (Georges Remi) en 1929, y está constituida por un total de 24 álbumes (de los cuales el último, Tintín y el Arte-Alfa, no llegó a terminarse).

La primera de las aventuras de Tintín, la controvertida Tintín en el país de los Soviets, se publicó inicialmente en Le Petit Vingtième, suplemento del diario belga de orientación católica Le Vingtième Siècle, a partir del 10 de enero de 1929. Posteriormente, las aventuras de Tintín aparecieron en otras publicaciones, como el diario Le Soir (durante la ocupación alemana de Bélgica, entre 1940 y 1944), y el semanario Tintín.

La última aventura completa del personaje, Tintín y los 'Pícaros', apareció en 1976. Todas las aventuras del personaje fueron después reeditadas en álbumes, que han sido traducidos a numerosos idiomas. Varios de estos álbumes han conocido sucesivas ediciones. A partir de La estrella misteriosa (1943), los álbumes fueron editados siempre en color, y se emprendió la tarea de colorear también los álbumes anteriores de la serie (a excepción de Tintín en el país de los Soviets). Las nuevas ediciones afectaron en ocasiones al contenido de los álbumes.


Se han hecho varias adaptaciones cinematográficas de la serie, tanto en dibujos animados como en cine de imagen real. Las dos películas producidas con autores reales, Tintín y el misterio del Toisón de Oro (1961) y Tintín y las naranjas azules, fueron desarrolladas a partir de guiones originales y no de los álbumes de la serie. En su producción no intervino personalmente Hergé.

Por el contrario, todas las películas de animación, con excepción de una (Tintín y el Lago de los Tiburones), son adaptaciones de los álbumes de la serie.

El célebre director estadounidense Steven Spielberg adquirió los derechos para el cine de las aventuras de Tintín en 1983, aunque de momento su proyecto de producir una trilogía de películas de imagen real sobre el personaje no ha llegado a materializarse en el cine.


El equipo de SPN


SPN - Massimo Dutti Baby, Gucci niños.

Después del éxito de la colección Massimo Dutti Baby, presentado en octubre de 2009, la firma presenta sus creaciones para vestir a los bebés este verano. Las mamás más chic no podrán resistirse a las cinco maletitas para sus bebés: para niño, dos para niña y una unisex. Sus estampados florales, de rayas y topos hacen de esta colección un regalo perfecto para recién nacidos y una tentación irresistible para vestir a los más pequeños de la casa.

Y para las mamás amantes del diseño de Gucci, ¡una gran noticia! La firma de lujo italiana ha lanzando su primera colección de moda para niños de 0 - 8 años. Aunque habrá que esperar hasta la temporada primavera, verano de 2011, ya puedes ir pensando en vestir a tus hijos con la ropita, zapatos, accesorios y gafas de sol con todo el chic italiano que caracteriza a esta firma.


SPN Compras - Tintin

Nuevos productos coleccionables de Tintín: Figuritas, cohetes, litografías, peluches, camisetas, relojes, mochillas.
Todos nuestros artículos Tintín son oficiales y con el sello original Moulinsart ©.
Cuando compres cualquier cohete o figura de resina de Tintín, también se incluye el certificado de garantía, expedido por Moulinsart y la caja de cartón azul.

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SPN - Tintin Movie Update

The Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn, con guión de Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright y Joe Cornisa; producida por Spielberg, Peter Jackson y Kathleen Kennedy, es la primera de las tres entregas en las que se utilizará el sistema 3D Motion Capture, basada en el personaje creado por Georges Remi, más conocido mundialmente por su seudónimo "Hergé", cuyo estreno está previsto para 2011. Los productores ejecutivos son Nick Rodwell, Stephanie Sperry y Ken Kamins. Paramount Pictures se encargará del lanzamiento en todos los territorios de habla inglesa y Asia, exceptuando India. Sony Pictures Releasing International distribuirá la película en Europa Continental, Europa del Este, Latinoamérica, India y el resto del mundo.

La segunda parte de la saga está prevista que sea dirigida por Jackson, con posibilidad de hacerlo también en la tercera.

Hace ochenta años, Hergé presentó al mundo un reparto único de personajes que han entretenido a lectores de todas las edades. Las Aventuras de Tintín, una serie de 24 libros, cuya aventura final inacabada se publicó después de la muerte de Hergé, convirtiéndose en la obra de su vida. La primera aventura fue publicada en 1929 y se han vendido más de 200 millones de copias en todo el mundo. La popular serie ha sido traducida a más de 70 idiomas y aún atrapa a miles de nuevos fans cada año.

Steven Spielberg y Peter Jackson darán vida a las historias de Hergé usando lo último en tecnología de animación por ordenador desarrollada por la compañía de Jackson, Weta Digital.



SPN - Tintin y Milu

Nuevos productos coleccionables de Tintín: Figuritas, cohetes, litografías, peluches, camisetas, relojes, mochillas. Todos nuestros artículos Tintín son oficiales y con el sello original Moulinsart ©.

Cuando compres cualquier cohete o figura de resina de Tintín, también se incluye el certificado de garantía, expedido por Moulinsart y la caja de cartón azul.

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SPN - Solo para niños

First day trying out the new design for the home page of Solo para niños. Looks fine and no hiccups as of yet.


Guarderias Barcelona

Guarderias en Barcelona. SPN Solo para ninos - El Buscador y Directorios Especializado para Padres. Haciendo la vida más fácil.
Guarderias Barcelona

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SPN - Custo Niños y Niñas "Growing" - Ropa Infantil.

Custo Dalmau presentó en España y Italia su primero colección de ropa infantil llamada "Custo Growing". La línea hacido diseñada para niños y niñas entre 4 y 14 años. La colección mantiene el mismo estilo y colorido que la linea de adultos.


SPN - The Brandery 2010. New Exhibition Areas

"The Stadium" will be the sector at The Brandery showcasing the leading current sport style brands. Other attractions will be various performances by skateboard, BMX bicycle, streetdance and parkour specialists and an exhibition of snowboards decorated by well-known tattoo artists.

The Brandery, urban and contemporary fashion fair, which will be held in the Fira de Barcelona's Montjuïc exhibition centre from the 27th to the 29th of January 2010, will feature "The Stadium" which will showcase the latest in sport & street fashion, that is, sport style adapted to urban fashion.

The Stadium will house exhibitors of action sports, sport style, technical fashion and street culture. Music, art and sport will be highlighted with a specific space for each area: the Skatepark space will host exhibitions of the best skateboard and BMX specialists, in which teams of the different brands will be participating; the Expo Snow Tattoo area, dedicated to art, will feature an exhibition of snowboards customised by internationally renowned tattooists; and lastly, in the Streetdance space, visitors will be able to enjoy dance performances of parkour (a sport based on overcoming urban obstacles such as stairs, railings, etc) and demonstrations of the most avant-garde streetdance currents.

A New Deal for exhibitors and visitors.

The show proposes a new trade fair business concept, called New Deal, which draws inspiration from the economic measures introduced by the U.S. president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, after the 1929 financial crash. The Brandery's New Deal supports exhibitors with initiatives such as the "Hosted Retailers" plan, which offers free hotel stays for guests, and the "Brander Reward" plan by which brands will be given "branders", discount vouchers exchangeable at the July 2010 show in recognition of their promotional actions.

Visitors will also be able to take advantage of special conditions in various airline companies and register through the "free readers accreditation" plan offered by the sector's leading magazines.

Reference for the Southern European market.

The Brandery continues its progressive consolidation as the Southern European market's reference, and has the advantage of being located in Barcelona, one of the most dynamic Mediterranean capitals in terms of design, art and creative talent, and because it selects tailor-made products of retailers from Mediterranean countries, conditioned by the climate and cultural currents of this geographical area.

In this sense, according to Pere Camprubí, director of the project "we do not wish to be a global show, on the contrary, we wish to reclaim the traditional trade fair format, creating the ideal space where it is easier to establish personal relations and contact between client and brand, with pre-selected supply and demand to give all our participants optimum responses with speed and agility".

Data on the 2009 first edition.

Organised by Fira de Barcelona with the support of the city's council, in July 2009, The Brandery featured 113 brands and received 9,715 visitors.

The next edition will be held in halls 6 and 7 of Fira de Barcelona's Montjuïc exhibition centre and will double the area used in the last show. The show, which is still fully engaged in its marketing process, has the confirmation of 126 brands, including Custo Barcelona, Armand Basi, Sita Murt and Desigual that are repeat exhibitors.

The trade show is structured into four areas: The Fira, the exhibiters' area; The Brandtown, with bars, restaurants and chill-out areas; The Laundry, the "ideas lab" where presentations and conferences will take place; and The City, with activities linked to fashion and the trade show taking place all around the city of Barcelona.

The Fira itself is divided into four sectors according to product type: The Cathedral, for designers with their own label; The Loft, for brands with a distinct design or trend-setting component; The Warehouse, for denim-based brands; and The Stadium, focusing on the world of sport & street wear.


SPN - Tic Tac, Tic Tac

Feria de stocks infantiles. Barcelona 28 a 31 Octubre 2009.

Primero Congreso de Ventas de Tic Tac, Tic Tac.

Nos complace invtarte a la primera venta de stocks infantiles de Barcelona, que tendrá lugar en La Font Lleó, Calle Doctor Fleming, 10, bajos, Barcelona. Situada entre Cinesa Diagonal y Cines Gran Sarrià, desde el miercoles 28 al viernes 30 de octubre de 10:00 a 21:00, y el sabado 31 de octubre hasta las 14:00. Entrada gratuita. ¡Os esperamos!



The Brandery - Barcelona 2010

After a very succesful first edition, The Brandery has already announced the dates for the second edition of its Post Fashion Circus. The fashion trade show will be held on January 27, 28 and 29th January 2010.

The Brandery is more than just another fashion trade show. It's a 'made in Barcelona' event and has been designed with Barcelona in mind. One of the most modern, cosmopolitan and dynamic cities when it comes to setting trends in Europe.

Pre registration is advised and application forma are now available. For further information contact Xtra Xposure at http://www.xtraxposure.com/ or visit The Brandery website at http://www.thebrandery.com/.


SPN - The Brandery Overview

The Brandery, new contemporary urban fashion show, organised in the Montjuïc exhibition centre by Fira de Barcelona, fulfilled expectations and brought in 9,715 trade visitors from the fashion sector. The 113 exhibitors, 45% of which were foreign, attracted many national and international buyers; mainly Italian, French and Portuguese distributors and retailers interested in the spring / summer 2010 collections.

The majority of participating brands have already confirmed their presence at the winter edition which will be held at the start of next year. Other firms, absent at this first show, have already expressed their intention to take part in the January 2010 edition, which confirms the fact that the event was well received by the fashion sector. In this sense, Fira de Barcelona's director of Expansion who is responsible for The Brandery, Pere Camprubí, said that "exhibitors and visitors have expressed their satisfaction with their participation in a show which has fulfilled our set expectations of quality and results" he added "we are already preparing for the next show in January, at which we expect that the number of exhibitors will increase significantly, and that it is on its way to becoming a benchmark event Europe".

The first edition of The Brandery was structured around four major areas: The Cathedral, The Loft, The Warehouse and The Outerspace. The Cathedral showcased pieces where the designer name is the determining factor, The Loft presented specific groups of garments; while The Warehouse featured Denim and The Outerspace focused on street-wear brands and the world of sneakers. The show also provided the setting for two exhibitions: Sneaker Expo, with over 700 collector sneakers, and an exhibition of photographs by Karl Lagerfeld to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Barbie doll.

The Laundry provided a space for debate where experts analysed fashion trends and the fashion business and the different ways of innovating in economic, marketing and design aspects.
More than just fashionThe ambience at The Brandery was one of the characteristic traits of this new show. The design of four areas in Montjuïc's Hall 7, the choice of beautiful locations, such as the Mies van der Rohe pavilion, the setting for The Laundry, music from various DJs and outdoor chill out areas all combined to give the new show a distinctive personality.

The spirit of the show was projected beyond the confines of the exhibition centre through The City, a programme which took place in different areas of Barcelona, extending The Brandery effect by means of a number of initiatives linked to shops, exhibitions and performances throughout the city. The support of the Barcelona City Council and the sector contributed to maintain the city as a European reference in urban fashion.

Barcelona, 9th of July 2009.

Gloria Dilluvio. Fira de Barcelona Press Department / Tel: +34 93 233 2172 - Email: gdilluvio@firabcn.es

Eva Martín. XXL Comunicación / Tel:+34 93 452 65 00 - Email: eva@xxlcomunicacion.com

Xavier Portas, Raymond Molloy. Xtra Xposure / Tel:+34 93 211 70 15 - Email: info@xtraxposure.com


SPN - The Brandery Overview (Spanish)

The Brandery, el nuevo salón de moda urbana contemporánea organizado por Fira de Barcelona ha cumplido con las previsiones y ha reunido en el recinto de Montjuïc 9.715 profesionales del sector de la moda. Los 113 expositores presentes, el 45% de ellos extranjeros, han atraído durante los tres días del evento a un buen número de compradores nacionales e internacionales -principalmente italianos, franceses y portugueses - distribuidores y retailers interesados en las colecciones para la primavera-verano de 2010.

La mayoría de marcas participantes ya ha confirmado su presencia en la edición de invierno que se celebrará a principios del año próximo. A ellas se sumaran otras firmas, ausentes en esta primera cita, que ya han manifestado su intención de participar en la convocatoria prevista para enero de 2010, aspecto que certifica la buena acogida que el salón ha tenido en el sector de la moda. En este sentido, el director de Expansión de Fira de Barcelona y responsable de The Brandery, Pere Camprubí ha asegurado que “expositores y visitantes nos han manifestado su satisfacción por participar en un salón que ha cumplido con los objetivos de calidad y resultado que nos habíamos marcado” y ha destacado que “ya estamos preparando la próxima convocatoria de enero, en la que prevemos un significativo incremento de participación y ser referentes del mercado europeo”.

En su primera convocatoria, The Brandery se ha estructurado en cuatro grandes áreas: The Cathedral, The Loft, The Warehouse y The Outerspace. The Cathedral ha mostrado las piezas de diseñadores que dan nombre a sus marcas, The Loft ha agrupado grupos concretos de prendas; mientras que The Warehouse ha reunido toda la oferta de Denim y The Outerspace ha concentrado el streetwear y el mundo de los sneakers (zapatillas deportivas). El salón también ha presentado dos exposiciones: la Sneaker Expo, con más de 700 zapatillas de coleccionista, y una exposición fotográfica del 50 aniversario de la muñeca Barbie firmada por Karl Lagerfeld.

The Laundry ha sido el foro de debate donde los profesionales del sector han analizado las tendencias de la moda y del negocio de la moda, han abordado los aspectos económicos, de diseño y de comercialización y han estudiado diferentes maneras de innovar en todos ellos.Más que modaLa ambientación de The Brandery ha sido uno de los elementos característicos del nuevo salón. El diseño de las cuatro áreas instaladas en el Palacio 7 de recinto de Montjuïc, junto con la elección de espacios de cuidada estética, como el pabellón Mies van der Rohe, escenario de The Laundry, ha dotado al nuevo salón de una marcada personalidad propia. A ello también ha contribuido la música de diversos DJs y los espacios de chill-out ubicados en el exterior.

Asimismo, ha proyectado su espíritu más allá del recinto ferial a través de The City, un programa que ha extendido a diferentes zonas de Barcelona el efecto de “The Brandery”. Las iniciativas han estado ligadas al comercio y han incluido exposiciones y actuaciones en numerosos puntos del entramado urbano. El respaldo del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona y del propio sector ha contribuido a proyectar la imagen de la ciudad como referente europeo en moda urbana.Barcelona, 9 de julio de 2009.

Gloria Dilluvio. Departamento de Prensa de Fira de Barcelona / Tel: +34 93 233 2172 - Email: gdilluvio@firabcn.es

Eva Martín. XXL Comunicación / Tel:+34 93 452 65 00 - Email: eva@xxlcomunicacion.com

Xavier Portas, Raymond Molloy. Xtra Xposure / Tel: +34 93 211 70 15 - Email: info@xtraxposure.com


SPN - The Brandery - Opening day

I have to begin by saying that The Brandery is well organised and I have to take my hat off to Albert Planas and everyone involved at FIRA Barcelona for putting this fashion and trade fair together in such a short space of time. I am sure that after Thursday, the fashion world, especially those companies in Europe that haven't made it to the opening edition, will be queuing up to be part of the second edition when it is hosted in January 2010.

Xtra Xposure, the latest addition to SPN will be focusing on Media Communications and Public Relations for events such as The Brandery, targeting UK companies in order for them to shpowcase their collections.


SPN - The Brandery Welcome Party

To celebrate the inauguration of The Brandery, a Welcome Party will be held on the evening of Tuesday 7th July to the backdrop of the spectacular display of light and water of the magical fountains of Montjuïc. The party will also feature entertainment by the band Chicks on Speed and performances by various DJs.

Open air photography exhibition - All along Rambla Catalunya, between Diagonal and Gran Via, there will be an exhibition of giant transparent cubes featuring 11 photos commissioned by the magazine Yo Dona. Rossy de Palma and the fans created by Louis Vuitton to support the NGO Orphanage Africa are the stars of the shots.

Exhibition of trend magazines - Hercules, B-Guided, Metal, Neo 2, H and Tendencias, six of the most important trend magazines in Spain, will be showcasing their identities to visitors to the show and Barcelona residents through a small exhibition on the streets of the Born district.

The art of graffiti - Four graffiti artists will be painting live on wooden cubes set up on the Portal de l’Àngel. One of the faces of the cubes will be dedicated to each artist’s interpretation of The Brandery. Another six cubes, already painted by other graffiti artists, will be set up in front of the Mies van der Rohe pavilion.

Clubs and Terraces - Visitors to the show will have access to the clubs and terraces of The Brandery’s partners to enjoy the city’s ambience at CDLC, Opium Mar, Lotus Theater, Boulevard, Sutton, Broadbar, Otto Zutz and Jamboree and on the terraces of the hotels Me, Barceló Raval, Ars, Axel, B and Claris.


SPN - The Brandery Update

Custo Barcelona, Pepe Jeans, Armand Basi, Desigual, Sita Murt, TCN, American Vintage, Lacoste, Rams 23, New Balance, Reebok, Etnies, Element and Cruyff Classic are among the brands that have confirmed their participation in the new salon of urban fashion, The Brandery, which will be held at the Montjuïc exhibition centre of Fira Barcelona on July 7-9.

In accordance with the rate of recruitment that has been carried out in just over two months, more than one hundred brands will be present in The Brandery, 40% of them international.
According to Fira Barcelona's director of Expansion and of the project, Pere Camprubí, "count on a hundred or so brands in the first edition, and given the current economic climate that's noteworthy, especially if we keep in mind the quality of the offer, with the presence of the leading Spanish brands in urban fashion and other outstanding European brands who bet on Barcelona as a platform for the sector." He underlined that "we have the opportunity to organize a meeting point of urban fashion in Barcelona and we want to take advantage of that. We are convinced that it will be a good experience and an important step towards future editions."

Camprubí added that the response from contacted firms has been very positive, confirming that the idea of a tradeshow is the right thing. "Actually, - he said - many of those who will not be able to exhibit in July - almost all for reasons of previously set budgets or schedule conflicts - have expressed the intention of participating in the January 2010 edition. For that reason, we are sure that in July, The Brandery will start a long path towards becoming a point of reference in the European market, with a progressive increase in the number of exhibitors."

Visitor Campaign The Brandery, which is still in the process of commercialization and addition of exhibitor space, is also initiating a visitor campaign that includes the Hosted Buyers plan, which offers free hotel rooms to the exhibitors for their clients in different hotels throughout the city. Also, the salon will invite some 1,000 buyers with great decision-making power on an international level.

The tradeshow, which relies on the support of the Barcelona City Council, will take place on the upper part of the Montjuïc exhibition venue and will be divided into various areas dedicated to the different segments of the market. There will be everything from big brands to newly created ones, presentations, performances, areas for debate and reflexion, as well as events and expositions. Highlighted among them is the sneaker show, an exhibition exclusive to Europe, which will include 600 models of collectable shoes, presented by decades, where the historic insignias of some of the most important international brands in the sector will appear.
Barcelona in the past few years has become a point of reference in contemporary urban fashion. With The Brandery, the role of the city will be evident, as its streets and establishments welcome events related to the sector and the tradeshow with expositions and stunning visuals in various areas and in different emblematic buildings.

Barcelona, June 10, 2009
XXL Comunicación: Eva Martín /Tel: 00 34 93 452 65 00/ eva@xxlcomunicacion.com

Prensa Fira de Barcelona: Gloria Dilluvio/Tel. 00 34 93 233 21 72/ mailto:7/gdilluvio@firabcn.es

SPN Xtra Xposure: Xavier Portas / Raymond Molloy/Tel. 00 34 93 211 70 15/ mailto:info@xtraxposure.com


SPN - Trendtation

Trendtation es una utilidad social que facilita la difusión de opiniones sobre las tendencias de la calle. Trendtation tiene como objetivo hacer que la gente pueda compartir sus intereses por la moda y sus tendencias, de estar al corriente de todo lo que está pasando en su círculo de amigos en cuanto a tendencias se refiere.

Nuestra comunidad es un entorno de referencia, tanto para el público en general como también para las marcas o tiendas, en la generación y observación de tendencias en moda. Trendtation permite tanto a los usuarios, como a las tiendas, como a las marcas, informar o mostrar sus colecciones o catálogos de fotos para que todos estemos al día de sus novedades.

Websites Útiles / Moda España. SPN Barcelona.


SPN - The Brandery, Barcelona.

Will you be at The Brandery, Barcelona 07th - 09th July 2009?

For the next 4 weeks I will be looking for UK and European Urban Street Wear fashion companies that wish to participate at The Brandery Barcelona - 07th - 09th July (twice yearly event - also to be held in January 2010). Suggestions for companies are welcome. Probably the biggest fashion and lifestyle event this summer.. Please contact me directly for further information..


SPN - Liverpool, Manchester and London.

01/04/2009 - The SPN Directories for Liverpool, Manchester and London are now fully activated. http://uk.soloparaninos.com Over the next few months we will be also launching Directories for Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow and we are now looking at the possibility of launching SPN Denmark.

If you have a company that is related to any of the categories that you see displayed on the home page (for any of the cities) and would like your company to be listed in the SPN Search Engine and Directory, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Links to the contact page can be found at the top and the bottom of every page on the sites. First in category positions are currently available for all three cities (your company will be displayed under the category title) along with additional SPN publicity options.


SPN - Fira Barcelona

The brands, their interaction with the public and the appeal of Barcelona are the core areas of The Brandery, Fira Barcelona's professional contemporary urban fashion trade show, which will take place twice a year. This first edition is planned for the coming month of July at the Montjuïc exhibition site, following a process to define the event, which involved professionals from the sector.

The Brandery, with the support of Barcelona City Council, comes with the aim of bringing 250 national and international fashion exhibiters together around the Magic Fountain of the upper area of Montjuïc in this first gathering, which will be held on 7, 8 and 9 of July. All those exhibiters involved share the vision of a new fashion identity based on brand protagonism and defined by the "post fashion circus", a new stage not only based on clothing, but on the brands and the people in the "circus" of day-to-day city life who interact with it to give them their personality.

Another decisive aspect is "Made in Barcelona", due to the fact that the city is an international benchmark and possesses the innovative push necessary to make The Brandery a European platform for contemporary fashion.

The brands as protagonists. During the presentation ceremony celebrated today 19/93/2009, with numerous representatives from the sector in attendance, the Mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, pointed out the this is a "personal project the would help Barcelona become a reference point for international trade fairs in contemporary fashion. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fira Barcelona, Josep Lluís Bonet, underlined that "in Barcelona there is a significant gap in the market" and that "commitment by the sector is fundamental if the trade show is to be a success. It is a project born of the sector and with the sector."

Fira Barcelona's Expansion Director, Pere Camprubí, explained that The Brandery is structured into 5 large areas which make up a global proposal in terms of the market:
The Fira will be the commercial meeting area between exhibiters and clients;
Brandtown, serves as the outer leisure area, with restaurants, bars, and chill-out zone; Brandstreet will house merchandising, the press, clients and the brand catwalk;
The Laundry will serve as a laboratory for ideas, debates, exhibitions and reflections; and, in The City, those present will be able attend the events, parties and exhibitions connected to the trade fair.

To house the brands, names of urban spaces have been chosen that fit each one's style and personality:
The Cathedral for those brands where the designer is the determining factor;
The Loft, for brands with a more designer/trendy flair;
The Warehouse, for denim-based brands; and
The Outerspace for street-wear brands and sneakers.

To view the website, which will be adding more information as it becomes available, please follow this link http://www.thebrandery.es

The Brandery - copyright Fira Barcelona 19 March 2009


SPN - The Brandery 7 - 9th July 2009

El nuevo salón de moda urbana de Barcelona, "The Brandery" - un homenaje a las marcas. La primera edicion se celebrará a primeros del mes de julio y el mes de enero para la segunda. Enhorabuena a Xavier Portas Tarin - Comité Creativo y Director Commercial España de SPN..